What Your Hair Loss Is Telling You About Your Health

Hair grows constantly but only grows a certain amount at a time. Most hair falls out naturally during puberty, during pregnancy, and also through the natural process of shedding. When people get their hair cut short because they want to cover up some things that would otherwise be visible, the cut ends up falling off because the follicles are too close together.

Thick, fine, or coarse hair is the type that produces the thick, coarse, and thinning hair. That means that if you have coarse hair you will see more shedding and balding as you get older. If you are lucky, the hair follicles will continue to renew your hair for many years.

Baldness is an indicator of many diseases and illnesses, so when you notice your hair thinning and balding signs, check with your doctor to determine what may be causing it. If you are experiencing any scalp symptoms, your doctor will usually have an idea of what you are dealing with.

Usually, you can identify premature baldness from male pattern baldness, but it can also come from genetic and hormonal factors. You might even have some genetic predisposition for thinning hair as well.

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However, even if your hair loss problem is rooted in your genes, there are ways to help yourself along. It can help to know how you can help your hair grow.

Remember, you don’t have to worry about your appearance. You don’t have to hide your baldness from others because they are used to it. You can tell others about your situation, and sometimes they will be sympathetic and supportive.

There are plenty of hair loss remedies that you can try out. You can add vitamins to your diet and try other natural products that you can use to help stimulate your hair follicles. Here are some examples of home remedies you can try out.

Coconut oil is great because it is known to have anti-bacterial properties, so it helps to make the scalp a little cleaner. You can use a tablespoon of coconut oil to clean your scalp before bedtime. This should give you some relief from the problem.

Using thistle oil can do some wonders. You can apply this to your scalp each morning before shampooing, and it should help to fight any infection that may be happening. This will prevent new hair loss and other scalp problems.

Zinc and other important nutrients can be obtained from vitamin supplements, so try out the ones that contain alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin B6, and other essential nutrients. They can help strengthen your hair.

Aloe Vera can be used for more than just a face mask. It is also one of the most powerful scalp treatments, so make sure that you use it on your hair as well.

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