What Are The Advantages Of Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication that operates as radio waves, using a band set at 2.4GHz. This frequency is available at no charge. The Bluetooth technology allows two devices to connect wirelessly with each other and incorporates the use of “Centrino” chips. These chips are available easily in most standard electronic devices such as laptops, cellular phones, computers, headsets, etc.

There are many advantages of using Bluetooth wireless technology. The most important is the fact that any two devices can be connected with each other without the use of any cables or wires. Added to that, is that using Bluetooth devices is very safe and also convenient.

Now you can get rid of the cables and wires that connect your computer to other devices. Often you need to use cables to connect your computer with the keyboard, the mouse, various cradles for electronic equipment such as PDAs, printers, etc. All these annoying cords can be eliminated if you use Bluetooth enabled devices and you can have an uncluttered and well-maintained computer room with a minimum of wires lying on the floor.

Also, every time you need to move your computer equipment to a different place, you have to first unplug all the cables connected to the other external devices, which is a nuisance. Bluetooth’s technology now makes it possible to connect many devices without using any wires. You no longer have to worry about what plug goes in where should you need to move and reconnect your equipment.

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Another advantage of using Bluetooth wireless technology is the safety factor. While driving your car it is extremely dangerous to use one hand to hold your cell phone and the other for driving. It is even illegal to do this in some countries as phoning while driving is a major cause of road accidents. You should always leave both your hands-free while driving. Now, thanks to Bluetooth technology you can use a Bluetooth headset to receive your phone calls and to talk to the person on the other end of the “line”. This way you can drive safely with both hands on the steering wheel.

Bluetooth wireless technology also makes our lives so much easier. This technology does not require you to be in proximity or tethered to the electronic device to be able to use it. You can walk around and do other chores while using your Bluetooth headset. For example, you can cook in the kitchen while listening to your favorite music, without disturbing other people around you. You just have to play the music on your computer and switch on the Bluetooth headphones. Cooking is then no longer a chore!

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